FDI ACRAnet provides several different products and services that can be used in making lending decisions.  Credit scoring tools allow you to pull from all three bureaus to see the whole picture, while rescoring options can be implemented to improve credit worthiness efficiently.  Additionally, FDI ACRAnet is fully-versed in compliance issues in order to protect your interests.  Credit reports provide the pertinent information needed:

  • Open and Closed Credit Accounts
  • Debts
  • Payment History
  • Address History
  • Judgments
  • Tax Liens
  • Bankruptcies
  • Credit Inquiries
  • Social Security Verification
  • Security Alerts


Financial Dimensions provides two distinct Tax Reports to offer our Clients a diversity in the tax arena; with the ability to customize to our clients individual specific needs. Reports are clearly formatted and easy to review. Financial Dimensions is equipped and experienced to handle both bulk projects, as we as individual requests. 

Current Year Tax Report
Provides the current year tax amounts and any delinquent taxes turned over for collection for the below taxing jurisdictions. In addition, the tax report provides, due, paid and good through dates for all taxing entities. 

  • County 
  • Township/Borough
  • School
  • Tax Claims

3 Year Tax Report
Provides 3 years of tax information; current, plus 2 years prior, as well as any delinquencies. The tax report provides current and 2 years prior tax amounts, due and paid dates and any delinquent taxes turned over for collection.    

  • County 
  • Township/Borough
  • School
  • Tax Claim

Additionally, each report also provides any special information discovered during the research process, such as partial tax payments, exceptions and/or reductions. The completed tax report also includes the taxing authorities contact information where the tax information was obtained for each taxing jurisdiction. 






Life of Loan Flood Zone Determinations
The Life of Loan service provides a direct flood hazard monitoring system for the entire term of the loan. Life of Loan service monitors all determinations for FEMA flood map revisions that can affect the insurance requirements over the duration of the loan. When a chance occurs in the flood hazard of a property, a new rating report is provided for free to the loan servicer on file.

Basic Flood Zone Determinations
The basic Flood Report provides a property’s flood status and additional information about the surrounding area. These reports are viable for either a one time look at the property or can be upgraded to a Life of Loan Determination.

Compliance with Reliability When Ordering Flood Zone Determinations

In today’s financial industry the need to work with the right company is imperative and this is why Financial Dimensions, Inc. has teamed with ServiceLink National Flood.  Below are just a few reasons why ServiceLink National Flood is the RIGHT choice.

  • ServiceLink National Flood is the leading flood vendor providing thousands of lenders with flood zone determinations.  Today they service 7 of the top 10 lenders.
  • ServiceLink National Flood provides the most accurate flood data. FEMA has implemented a Map Modernization Program which is changing the flood zone areas across the country.  Many FEMA maps go back to the 1970’s so this program is substantially modifying which homes are “in” and “out” of a flood zone.  The below map reflects all of the areas that will have new FEMA maps (the green areas) which is 92% of the US population.


  • ServiceLink National Flood will reduce lender flood costs and provide our Quality Guarantee; from service to accuracy ServiceLink National Flood is the right choice!
  • Exclusive free product from ServiceLink National Flood – CertMap.  No other flood vendor provides an aerial of the subject property overlaid with the FEMA Special Flood Hazard Area (SFHA) map.


  • Staying power and reliability has become a major issue for lenders as they select a vendor, particularly a flood vendor who tracks their properties for flood status changes (life of loan flood zone determinations).  This year several flood vendors have closed their doors and/or have sold their operation.  With over 25 years of time tested flood experience ServiceLink National Flood provides the reliability, accuracy, and staying power that lenders need (require).